Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So, what would you do?

Okay, so suppose you lived on a block full of mobile homes, except for that one really big mansion in the middle of the street. Now suppose that guy who lives in that mansion announces that he hates three people on the block, and lists them. Suppose your name was on that list. Suppose you don't have any means to move away from this guy. Suppose he then goes and attacks the third guy on the list and burns down his trailer. Suppose he then swears that he has no intention of attacking the other people on his list, but oh-by-the-way he still hates them.

Might you go out an buy yourself a gun? Maybe you set up a range in your front yard and make sure your neighbor sees you taking target practice?

In truth, these are not things I would do. I hate guns; I refuse to own one; I refuse to fire one. Personally, I'd rather be killed by the rich mansion dweller than take the risk of harming anyone myself with a gun. All that said, I sure do understand that some people might respond this way. I wouldn't call them crazy because of it. I might say their approach was ill-conceived, but not crazy or malicious.

I hope this puts some things in perspective.


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