Friday, May 29, 2009

A comment on the Christopher West West Kerfuffle

So, I had been carefully restraining myself from commenting on the current kerfuffle regarding Christopher West after he was profiled on Nightline. The first reason is that I am related to Christopher and even received an acknowledgment in one of his books. The second reason is that in many cases, I would have been guilty of committing the exact error I would criticize someone for.

Did the person criticize Christopher without talking to him? How could I do the same? Did the person criticize his teaching without knowing what he teaches? I'm no theologian to know whether Christopher teaches that or not. It seemed that anything I might say would end up being a supreme instance of the pot calling the kettle black.

Now, a fellow named Dan Kenney has posted his reflections on the commotion. I really think Dan Kenney has hit all the marks on the points I wanted to make, and has done so in a manner much better than I could.

I hope that more people read his posting.