Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on job situation

Okay, this post goes out to my FaceBook friends. It's too long for a status update, so I'm posting it here. Because this is more public than FaceBook, I'm going to be a little less specific than I might be otherwise.

I'm sorry I've confused so many of my friends about my job situation. I guess I don't post updates often enough to explain the whole narrative. Here's the story:

For the last 8 years I've worked for the same company. That company is very large, has different divisions, different contracts, and different positions on those contracts. For 6 of those 8 years I worked on one contract, and held several different positions on that contract. Last year, congress declared my job on that contract illegal. The basic explanation is that my job was to provide system engineering technical assistance (SETA) to the government that included providing a review of the technical performance of developmental contractors. In some cases, it was my own company that held those developmental contracts. (It's not just me. One large defense contractor is being forced to sell an entire division to comply with the law.) Congress (reasonably) outlawed these "organizational conflicts of interest" (OCI).

Thinking to avoid being left suddenly without a job as this acquisition reform act was implemented, I looked for, and found in January of this year, a different job within my same company on a different contract. The job I interviewed for there was to be the Enterprise Architecture Team Lead. There was some sort of miscommunication between myself and the Program Manager as part of my moving to that contract, and I ended up just as a member of the team, and not the lead. This was a bad fit for a number of reasons, and I asked to be taken off that contract. At that time, I started interviewing and going to job fairs.

Well, in May my company kindly moved me into a new position, working on a proposal. That was fun, but it only lasted a month. Since then I've been in a "temporary" position in the company. Basically, I am charging overhead and sometimes doing really cool stuff like strategy development and supplier relationship management, and sometimes sitting in my cube with nothing to do. I've kept interviewing this entire time, with no offers. My boss told me "keep looking" [he meant inside the company] because "the overhead account could run out any day."

On Tuesday, I got two job offers: one inside the company, and one outside the company. I'm pretty sure which one I'll pick, but there's some complex calculus going on and I don't know for sure.

I hope that clears everything up! Sorry I wasn't clear about things.